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FAQ(e) (updated 28.12.2011):


[edit] Question: How do i start Gravon?

  • Just click on "Launch Gravon" above.

[edit] Question: Where can i find help?

  • Just click on "Getting started" above. You will find some first steps explained there.

[edit] Question: The login window shows two fields, nick and password.
Do i need a password in order to play? Where do i get a password?

  • No password is required to play. Just choose a nickname and leave the password field empty. If the nick is already registered, try another one. If you want to play regulary on Gravon, you can get your nickname registered. Along with the registration you will get a password. See next question.

[edit] Question: How can i register a nickname

  • If you want to register a nick name at Gravon, you find the link at the right upper corner at the website. In order to complete the registration, your email adress is needed. Along with the registration, your password will be mailed to that email account.
  • Please note: It is not allowed to register more than one nick name.

[edit] Question: What advantages offers the registration?

A registration offers some advantages compared to unregistered players:

  • a registration is needed to participate at rankings
  • registered nicks are protected by a password and can be used by their owners only
  • some games offer advanced features to registered users, e.g. for Stratego, setups can be saved on the server
  • you can post at the forum

[edit] Question: I have a question/problem that isn't answered here, where do i get help?

  • If you got a problem or a question that is not answered here, the admins on Gravon can help you. You can find administrators on Gravon by looking for black nicknames within the userlist.
  • you find a list of admins here
  • For technical questions or problems contact spion.

If no admin is available at Gravon, you can also write a mail to admins (at) gravon.de. If your problem is related to a played game, please include exact date/time, name of your opponent and room-no. of the game.

[edit] Question: When do i get a Ranking?

The Ranking option is only for registered players. Please notice following rules:

  • You have to observe our Terms and Conditions, if you want to get the Ranking option.
  • All forms of unfair behaviour (e.g. leaving games without to surrender, insultings, double registration etc.) will cancel the Ranking option.
  • Rummikub - All registered players get automatically the Rummikub Ranking. We offer a Ranking for 2, 3 and 4 player games. At the moment the Ranking is displayed at the Club-Rummikub Website, but in future we will offer the Ranking also at the Gravon Website. For the Ranking-List click here.
  • Malefiz - The Malefiz Ranking will be enabled after some days, if the player has played a minimum of 10 games. We offer a Ranking for Single and Team games and in future for Chaosfiz and Speed-Malefiz. You find the Ranking List here.
  • Stratego The Stratego Ranking will be enabled after a minimum of 14 days, if the user plays under his nick several games within the two weeks. Be aware that we will not enable the Ranking in any case of unsportive behaviour (double registration, leaving games without to surrender, insulting etc.) The activation for Stratego offers all options like: Classic-Ranking, Challenge-Ranking, Duel, Barrage and UL-Ranking. You find the several Ranking lists here.

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