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Stratego-Weird follows the basic Stratego rules. Before the game starts, you can choose one out of three special rules.

[edit] 1961 Rules

This rules moves a piece (after an attack of a weaker piece) to the square of the attacker. Following the original rules the piece would stay at the same square. Because of this effect, you can move the opponents pieces to your higher pieces. (i.e. you attack a marschal with one of your scouts and "beam" him beside your spy).

[edit] Killer Stratego

Choosing Killer Stratego you are not allowed to beat the opponents flag. The only way to win is to beat all of the opponents moveable pieces or if he attacks your flag. Good time for front row flags!

[edit] Spy Power

Choosing Spy Power your spy can beat all pieces (not only the marschall). But be carefull, beside this special power, the spy is still the weakest piece and can be beat by all pieces.

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