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Stratego Gravon Championship 2018

Dear Stratego Players,

the Gravon Stratego Online Championship will start at 1st of April. Below you find the

tournament rules and the most important links. In addition we will post the results for

a better overview at a special "result-site". The tourney-organization is done by our users

  • Flame04
  • Henry
  • Major_Nelson
  • Overlord

(thanks for that) May the best win! - the gravon admin team


[edit] General:

  • Eligible to participate are all players:
    • with an unbanned nick name
    • who are not banned for Gravon tournaments
    • who provide a valid email adress to the organiser
  • please notice, that we only allow one player from each ip adress. Thus, if several players (e.g.: father, son, brother etc.) play from one household, only one can join the tournament.
  • The tournament will start with a group stage followed by a knock out system for the last sixteen.
  • Please join the the tournament only, if you can play the whole competition.
  • Joining the tournament with more than one nick (double-nick) will cause a Gravon and tournament banning.
  • Leaving the tournament after the start without any notice will cause a tournament banning.

[edit] Games setting:

  • Games count only for the tournament, if they are played in the tournament rooms.
  • Tournament rooms are the (green) Stratego rooms: 401 - 415 => Tourney Room 1 - 15
  • The settings in these rooms are adjust to:
    • Ranking disabled
    • Bronstein clock 12 min / 50 min / 4 sec. (ISF Setting)
    • Games are viewable

[edit] Group stage

  • the tournament starts with 8 groups (A-H) a 4 players (see table below)
  • in case of less than 32 players the groups are adapted
  • within one group all play all one time
  • best 2 scorer of each group go to knock out system
    • in case of equal points after all games its up to:
    • direct comparison, then
    • Play-off game (1 game)
  • all games must be played within 3 weeks (see time table below)

[edit] Groups / Gruppen

  • Placing the groups is based on the all time rating: see table below - from March 27, 2018
    • in case that a player does not has a ranking at all, he gets a fixed rating of 600. Placing is then by application date.
    • in case that 2 or more players have the same ranking the setting is by application date.

  • Groups will be made like this (where P1= highest in rank etc.) In case of more than 32 players as shown below(in parentheses)

Group stage / Gruppenphase
Group/Gruppe A Group/Gruppe B Group/Gruppe C Group/Gruppe D Group/Gruppe E Group/Gruppe F Group/Gruppe G Group/Gruppe H
freddykrueger overlord acerimmer playa1 zach21 sevenseas fonias major_nelson
theworldmaster stratego grizzlybear flame04 panther ruben87 gpet0 garulfo
hellas mojo1967 henry undertaker fighter awfly master.mind albert_batel
obliviongr kambia mercury fks zwille ewing swordfish cooky
konstandinos.m yellowhat            

[edit] Scoring group stage

  • 6 points for win, 3 for a draw and 1 for a loss. Each matchup within a group will be 1 game.

[edit] Scoring Knock Out system

  • 1 point for win, 0.5 for draw and 0 for loss.
  • first to two points advances to next round.
  • in case of a 2-2 tie additional matches are played until there is a winner.
  • players have 1 week for all games - (see time table below)

[edit] Schedule / appointsments

  • the players are responsible for their schedule
  • all appointments have to be made within the forum in the threat for each group
  • appointments outside the forum do not count
  • in case that 2 players cannot agree on a fixed appointment, they have to play at the mandority date
  • mandority date is the last sunday at the end of the group stage (see time table below) at 8:00 pm gravon time (UTC +2).
  • a player can only play one match at the mandority date
    • in case that a player has to play more than 1 game at the mandority date, he loses all games
  • in case that a player does not show up to an appointment, the present player wins the match after 15 mins waiting
    • in group stage => 6:1
  • in case that both players does not show up, both get a loss
    • in group stage => 0:0
  • same rules for the mandority date
  • if a player does not post (legal) appointments, the tourney-organization can declair a loss to the player
  • please notice the several time zones within the player field - be sure that both talk about the same time zone
  • (it is advised to post GMT times)

[edit] Game Rules

  • the players agree on blue or red pieces
  • the settings in the tourney rooms are fixed
  • please notice, that the "bronstein modus" can cause a draw by timeout, if a player has more personal time than the game time
    • this is by the rules and not unfair. for more information click here
  • visitors are not allowed to talk within a match. Fair Play please!
  • violating the Gravon terms & conditions can cause a tournament bann.
  • the winner post the result in the forum, in case of a draw both players post the result

[edit] Tournament Organization

  • Organization is done by flame04 - henry - Major_Nelson and Overlord
  • the tourney-organization is allowed to join the tournament.
  • In case that the rules do not cover a situation, the tourney-organization will post a decision for the players.
  • In case that the tourney organization is involved, spion or stratego will post a decision.
  • All decisions of the tourney-organization are final.

[edit] Links

  • Subsequent the schedule and links as far as known
  • Please notice the mandority date at last sunday of the weeks.

Schedule and Links Forum
  from 12:00 am till 11:59 pm Mandority date
8:00 pm Gravon time
Sign in Forum Closed Closed   Forum Sign in
Ranking Players 27. March 2018 27. March 2018   Done
Group stage 01. April 2018 22. April 2018 22. April 2018 Standings
Last sixteen 23. April 2018 29. April 2018 29. April 2018  
Quarter Final 30. April 2018 06. May 2018 06. May 2018  
Semi Final 07. May 2018 13. May 2018 13. May 2018  
Final - Game Place 3/4 14. May 2018 20. May 2018 20. May 2018  
Result Page 01. April 2018 20. May 2018   Results

[edit] Player Ranking 27.04.2013

  • Subsequent the rating of the players, which is relevant for the Group-Stage.

  • zurück ins / back to Forum

Start Nr.
Start No.
Rating Land
Gravon Zeit
Gravon time
P01 flame04 1595 Gr UTC +3
P02 major_nelson 1678 Gr/UK UTC +1
P03 Overlord 1856 Gr UTC +3
P04 sevenseas 1705 UK UTC +1
P05 mercury 1327 USA UTC -4
P06 theworldmaster 1589 Swiss UTC +2
P07 fks 1352 USA UTC -4
P08 kambia 1317 Gr UTC +3
P09 fonias 1705 Gr UTC +3
P10 Henry 1575 Gr UTC +3
P11 ruben87 1628 NL UTC +2
P12 freddykrueger 1890 NL UTC +2
P13 hellas 1588 Gr UTC +3
P14 Grizzlybear 1594 Ger UTC +2
P15 albert_batel 1517 UK UTC +1
P16 playa1 1729 NL UTC +2
P17 zach21 1729 USA UTC -4
P18 Zwille 1417 Ger UTC +2
P19 AWFly 1550 Ger UTC +2
P20 obliviongr 0600 Gr UTC +3
P21 konstandinos.m 0600 Gr UTC +3
P22 master.mind 1523 NL UTC +2
P23 cooky 1495 Can UTC -4
P24 garulfo 1673 NL UTC +2
P25 swordfish 1470 USA UTC -7
P26 gpet0 1630 Gr UTC +3
P27 mojo1967 1576 Ger UTC +2
P28 Yellowhat 0600 NL UTC +2
P29 panther 1622 Ger UTC +2
P30 Undertaker 1560 Ger UTC +2
P31 Stratego 1594 Ger UTC +2
P32 acerimmer 1770 Eng UTC +1
P33 fighter 1557 Ger UTC +2
P34 ewing 1418 Ger UTC +2
P35 *
P36 *
P37 *
P38 *
P39 *
P40 *



[edit] Achtelfinale - Finale / Last sixteen - final

  Achtelfinale / Last Sixteen Viertelfinale / Quarter Final Halbfinale / Semi Final Finale / Final
A1  1. Gruppe/group A    
H2  2. Gruppe/group H    
  V1  Sieger/winner A1:H2    
  V2  Sieger/winner E1:D2    
E1  1. Gruppe/group E  
D2  2. Gruppe/group D    
  H1  Sieger/winner V1:V2    
  H2  Sieger/winner V3:V4    
G1  1. Gruppe/group G    
B2  2. Gruppe/group B    
  V3  Sieger/winner G1:B2  
  V4  Sieger/winner CD1:F2    
C1  1. Gruppe/group C  
F2   2. Gruppe/group F    
  F1  Sieger/winner H1:H2  
  F2  Sieger/winner H3:H4  
B1  1. Gruppe/group B    
G2  2. Gruppe/group G    
  V5  Sieger/winner B1:G2    
  V6  Sieger/winner F1:C2    
F1  1. Gruppe/group F  
C2  2. Gruppe/group C    
  H3  Sieger/winner V5:V6  
  H4  Sieger/winner V7:V8     Spiel/Game - Platz/Place - 3/4
H1  1. Gruppe/group H    
A2  2. Gruppe/group A    
  V7  Sieger/winner H1:A2    3/4-1  Verlierer/loser H1:H2   
  V8  Sieger/winner D1:E2      3/4-2  Verlierer/loser H3:H4   
D1  1. Gruppe/group D  
E2  2. Gruppe/group E    
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