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Beside the menu you can use following Commands in the chat window:

All Commands start with a . or a / , otherwise the chat text can be read by all users in the current room!

/help This command shows you a list of the most used commands. Beside you see a short description.
/raum <no> You go to the room <no>
Tip 1: You can also use room-no. which aren`t in the list. In this case a new room will be created. After the last users leave this room, it will be closed automatically.
Tip 2: You can also use negative room-no. (i.e. -200). These rooms are shown in the room-list with ?????? instead of the room-no.. (This means these are secret rooms, if you want to chat privatly with someone).
/folge <nick> Follow
you follow a user to his room
..<nick> or
.m <nick>
Whisper (registered users only)
only the person you whipser with can read the message
.r<space> Whisper back (registered users only)
if you don`t use a QUERY window for whispering, this is a fast way to answer a whispering
.W <nick> Wake-up
sends a wake-up to a user - please don`t abuse this option - users can disable the pick up from wake-ups
.a <text> Activity message
sends a activity message (i.e. => Spion is busy)
.i <nick> Invite
you invite a player to your room
(you also need this to invite players to a closed room)
.n <neuernick>[<passwort>] Change nick
you can change your nick for some time. Registrations are not touched by this command.
/news News
shows the lastest news at Gravon. At the moment it shows new functions or new games.
/rl Room list
you see a list of all Gravon rooms. Beside the names of the rooms you see what games can be played in this rooms.
/join Join
with this command you can join a game (if there is an empty place)
if you want to re-join an interrupted game you have to add the place-no. after the command. (i.e. /join 3).

you also need the place-no, if you want to join a game at a specific place.

/start Start
you start a game
/cont Next round
a new game with the current settings will be started. Game results from the last round will be saved.
/reset Reset
you reset a game
/unreset Unreset
if you have reset a game by mistake, you can undo the reset command.
/resume Resume a game
normally the server automatically continues a game, if all players are back. If this doesn`t happen you can use this command.
/resync Resync
in case of any game problems this command will help.
/whisper <nick> Whipser mode (registered users only)
This command switch on the automatic whisper mode. If you send a message from the chatbox it shows automatic a "..nick" at the beginning of your message. this makes it easier to chat privately with a player. If you want to send a message for all during the whispering, you can easily delete the default text.
with /whisper without nick you disable the whisper mode.
.s Userlist
a list of all user (who are online) is shown. The list includes the room-no of the user.
.x Log out
you leave Gravon - in addition you can also close the window.
/zoom <fine>|<fast> With /zoom fine you increase the quality during the zoom (if you use a larger gamefield). Please use this command only in case of a fast cpu.

With /zoom fast you go back to normal quality.
This command doesn`t show any changes, if you play with the normal game window.

/fehler <beschreibung> IMPORTANT: Gravon is still joung and includes maybe some software bugs.
In case of any error, please use this command (it means: error - description) for sending a report. the report is send to us and includes the error itself the error part and your description. Thank you!
/surrender Surrender
you can surrender, if you have to leave a game or if you don`t see a chance to win anymore
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