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Our Team:


[edit] Administrator and Moderator at Gravon:

Administrators (admins) or Moderators (mods) at Gravon use colored nick names. (shown at Userlist or User/Rooms)

  • Chief Admins - dark blue
  • Admins - black
  • Mods - orange

[edit] Chief Admins

(Registration, Ranking, administrative tasks, general assistence for users, Forum, Stratego / Rummikub questions (germ./engl.)

  • Stratego
  • Ruka

[edit] Admins

(General assistance for users and for all kind of questions about the games)

  • translator - Malefiz
  • anpanman - Rummikub
  • brunnenzussi - - Malefiz
  • fantasymoments - Rummikub

[edit] Contact: Administration (general):

admins (at) gravon (dot) de 

[edit] Moderators:

  • Rummikub: anpanman

[edit] Community:

  • Ruka
  • Stratego

[edit] Technical Manager / overall responsibility / CEO:

  • Thorsten Jungblut (spion)
  • Image:spion10-g.gif

[edit] Additional members of our team:

Lexandro (Michael K.)

  • Graphics

sorcerer (Stefan Moch)

  • Protocol applications
  • Betatest
  • most useful ideas

[edit] Former members:

We thank following persons for their help around Gravon:

Ralf "Arby" Brostedt

Implementation of games:

  • Mahjongg
  • Clans
  • Ballon Cup
  • Carolus Magnus
  • Gespenster
  • Minesweeper
  • Triple
  • etc...


  • English languarge assistance

Tichu78 (Sven Wagner)

  • Hyle
  • Design
  • Sound
  • Some talks with puplisher

noname (Jonas Gerdel)

  • assistance for chess
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